New Theme: Twenty Seventeen

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We’re excited to announce that this year’s WordPress default theme, Twenty Seventeen, is now available on Designed by Mel Choyce, Twenty Seventeen is a business-oriented theme that allows you to create a stunning front-page layout with multiple sections. The theme can be topped with a large custom header image or atmospheric video of…

When Accessibility gets Labeled Wasteful

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So there’s a debate going on, on Twitter right now between disabled people and people who either claim to care about the environment and or just want to complain about “lazy people” The tweet that started it all Image Description: tweet with a picture of peeled oranges in plastic containers on…

The 2015 Year In Review!

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Here’s an incredible fact: together, you published more than 660 million posts on in 2015, and made more than 655 million comments. That’s a whole lot of joy, laughter, tears, insight, and thoughtfulness. And it’s just one part of a huge global community of people — WordPress now powers more…

Why Don’t Queer Butch Women Exist in Games?

Source: Why Don’t Queer Butch Women Exist in Games? Where is there this mystical butch bisexual or lesbian woman in video games that has perpetuated a stereotype? Where are there queer butch women at all? The absence of these types of women is not a testament to the gaming industry being uncharacteristically sensitive to queer stereotypes, it’s […]