React Components, Design, and (2015)

Automattic Design

It’s been fun to learn about the history of the Automattic dev/design team’s early work on one of the first large-scale React-based user experience deployments — having taken to heart WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg’s impassioned request to the entire WP community to “Learn JavaScript deeply.”


I was prompted to study our React-based design language’s history after noting all the recent press around Airbnb’s approach to integrating React in their design work with a high degree of sophistication. It turns out that Automattic and Airbnb were doing similar things when React came out — but Airbnb made stronger bets on mobile, shared tools, and machine intelligence that are now truly paying off.

matias 2016 / Automattic Computational Designer Matías Ventura speaking in Europe about the open source React components design toolkit aspect of the Calypso project.

Automattic released its open source React-based design language in 2016 with no public relations machine behind…

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