Mama’s Boy

Had a great mother’s day brunch with my mom here!


Being a Northern and traveling a lot to the South, I have always enjoyed Southern Cuisine, especially shrimp and grits. When my son found a restaurant we could all meet at in South Norwalk that had a southern flare, we decided to meet there for brunch.  I had looked up their menu online and saw that there were delectable delights such as shrimp, grits and country fried bacon. Now how could country fried bacon me anything but mouth-watering?

They have a great drink selection, one worthy of being southern. You should try one of their green tomato Bloody Mary’s.  I had their mimosa special of the day.

We started with appetizers, fresh berries, deviled eggs, and OMG fried chicken skins and fried okra. Talk about pleasing the palette! The deviled eggs were filled with a yummy filling and they even put the filling on the bottom of the plate to…

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