Irish Mythology & Ancient Elves: Interpreting ‘Dragon Age’ Lore

Really fascinating comparison of the ancient elves of Dragon Age to Irish mythology. As a Dragon Age fan this was really fun to read! (Warning: minor spoilers for Inquisition)


Dragon Age

The fun thing about interpretation is that, even if the writers didn’t intend to convey something, it can still be gleaned by someone else. We all like to see our experiences reflected in the popular culture we consume, and my long-standing adoration with Dragon Age is no exception. My father emigrated from Ireland before I was born, and while half my family still calls fair Éire home, I proudly consider myself half-Irish. With my identity steeped in the lore that came before, it goes without saying that days like St. Paddy’s hold cultural significance for me. Thus, it’s basically inevitable that I would interpret my heritage within the world of Thedas. While I don’t presume to be an expert in historical accuracy, I’d like to touch on a few significant points in Irish mythology within the lens of Bioware’s trilogy, particularly having to do with the elves.

It’s difficult to discuss the tales of ancient Ireland without first understanding that much of the stories we associate…

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